Windowed Revelations of Ovarian Cancer


This book is truly compelling and defines the journey this beautiful author took detailing the dark path surrounding Ovarian Cancer.  Yvette’s experience was nothing short of amazing strength and compassion with having her support from family and all those she know being an experienced Healthcare provider along with  being a strong willed advocate brought her through this journey. We as women should sound our voices regarding our body and Healthcare advocacy is essentially of great importance regarding this silent killer which Ovarian Cancer.

– Ruth Smith


All human decisions occur in the limbic system of the brain where emotions dominate and concepts reside. This expose’ ignites that system by revealing emotional, startling, and powerful truths concerning ovarian cancer. The author clearly and concisely takes us through her journey from symptoms to cure and empower us not only to be able to identify indicators early on but also educates us on other important facets of survival.  Emotional Educational Empowering Excellence.

– Karen Darity



The objective of this writer is to bring an open book of revelations which transports the reader through the unknown facets structured around the transitions from diagnosis to the ever clouded veil of survival. This book takes the reader through the a transparent window of ovarian cancer from the before, the during and the everlasting.


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