Yvette Jives speaks about ovarian cancer with AABA Presents podcast


“Western Women’s Business Center presents one of its members of the African American Business Association as she informs our communities of the importance early screening for ovarian cancer and what that looks like”.

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Raising Awareness of the Unseen, Giving Voice to the Unheard | Survivor Stories


Yvette Jives and HERS Nc were featured on OCRA.

The world works in ironic and sometimes painful ways

“Yvette Jives, a nurse and social worker in North Carolina, has spent a lifetime helping others. She developed a women’s health program at the community center where she worked for 15 years (after working for 14 years in a hospital), monitoring patients’ cervical and breast cancer screenings, diagnoses and treatments. And yet in all that time, neither she nor her staff had ever encountered anyone with ovarian cancer … until she herself was diagnosed in 2011.”

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SPARCing Community Health – HERS with Yvette Jives


Yvette Jives and HERS Nc were featured on The SPARC Foundation YouTube channel.

The SPARC Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Asheville, NC, The SPARC Foundation ignites connections to education, employment and mentorship to strengthen the well-being and personal freedom of people and families in need.

In this emotional and informative video, Yvette Jives shares how she became an author and activist following her battle with ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is known as the “silent killer” and disproportionately kills women of color in America.